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Swimming Pool Games Your Kids Will Love

Swimming Pool Games Your Kids Will Love

One of the best reasons for purchasing a swimming pool is because it is an excellent form of exercise. With a technology-focused culture that introduces a new app or game every week, it can be difficult for many busy parents to guide their children away from a more sedentary lifestyle. Fortunately, by nature, kids love to play, so all it really takes is a little redirection and an above-ground pool when it comes to helping them stay active.

5 Small Changes That Can Transform Your Pool Installation

5 Small Changes That Can Transform Your Pool Installation

Do you own a swimming pool? Whether your Maryland pool installation is above or below ground, there are a few small changes that you can make to completely transform the installation as a whole. In this article, we’re going to dive in and discuss them in full.

Ways to Safely Store Your Pool and Spa Chemicals

Shed at the side of the house for storing pool and spa chemicals.

Your swimming pool and spa are an inviting escape from the daily grind. Nothing is more enjoyable than coming home from work and enjoying a soak in your hot tub or cooling off on a hot day in your swimming pool. Of course, to be able to properly enjoy your pool and spa, you do need to make sure you keep it clean and fresh. Swimming pool maintenance starts with special chemicals that are required to keep your spa and pool free from buildup and debris. However, these chemicals can be quite hazardous if not stored properly. By knowing how to store them correctly, you can help protect yourself, your family, pets, and wildlife from accidental exposure or encounters with these powerful chemicals.

Prepare Your Backyard for Summer in 7 Simple Steps

Backyard lights installed into the ground.

When the weather starts to warm up, there’s nothing quite like escaping to the retreat known as your backyard. However, if your yard is a jungle of weeds and clutter, it may not be the ideal place to frolic this summer. To help make your backyard the type of place that you feel the most comfortable and relaxed in, these seven steps can put you on the path toward having a yard that feels like a slice of paradise - even on the hottest of days.

8 Signs Your Hot Tub Needs Service or Repair

Bubbling water in a Jacuzzi hot tub.

What should you do if your hot tub isn’t running as it should? It could simply need a little bit of attention, be it replacing the water or cleaning your spa’s filter. If you always follow a set routine for chemical treatments and other hot tub maintenance, however, it’s likely the problem will require professional service. Once you’ve ruled out minor issues that you can handle yourself, it’s time to call a reputable company offering hot tub repairs. It’s vital that you not try to fix serious problems yourself. Doing so could not only damage your spa, but also risk voiding your warranty. If you’re wondering the best ways to determine if your spa needs professional service or repair, our comprehensive list below will walk you through the most common warning signs.

Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs Service

Pool ladder in the water.

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing dip in the pool on a hot summer’s day. Making sure your pool is ready to be enjoyed when the hot weather hits is all about proper and regular maintenance. But, sometimes, a pool needs some a little bit of TLC over and above your usual maintenance schedule.

Keep your eyes peeled for these following warning signs.

Top 5 Backyard Trends for 2019

Backyard deck with furniture and accessories.

If you are looking for some new ideas to boost your property value while also increasing your pleasure in your home, the backyard is where it’s at. Turning your backyard into your own personal oasis starts with choosing what is most important to you. Is it relaxation? Is it fun? Is it entertainment?

No matter what your goals are, we can help you make your backyard the ideal place to relax after a hard day’s work. Read on to discover the top five ways to give your backyard a facelift while adding value to your property in 2019.

Should I Buy a New or Used Hot Tub?

Outdoor hot tub in the winter time.

Buying a hot tub might be at the top of your wish list, but the reality is all about budget and how much you can spend. You might want one for the whole family to use and enjoy together, but can only afford a two-person hot tub. A great way to surpass a bigger budget, while still finding a high-quality hot tub, is to buy used! While there are many wonderful benefits to purchasing a used hot tub, such as cost and environmental impact to name a few, there can be some cons if you aren’t careful with the purchase. Although some used hot tubs for sale might look like a bargain, you should still do your homework first before spending money on something that could put a hole in your bank account.

Simple Steps to Winterizing Your In-Ground Swimming Pool

Backyard pool installation in the wintertime.

Winterizing your in-ground swimming pool can result in many benefits. Not only can it help save time and money when opening in the spring, it can also reduce, if not eliminate, additional electrical, chemical, and cleaning costs. Winterizing your in-ground swimming pool can also help protect equipment and plumping from any freeze damage. To get your in-ground pool ready for winter, follow the simple steps below.

How to Stop Swimming Pool Algae in 4 Simple Steps


Does your swimming pool look green with envy? Are there spots of fuzzy plant-like organisms taking up residence in the water? If you’re having trouble with excessive amounts of slime, bubble or any types of growth, that’s a sure sign you have algae. But it’s not all bad news! There is a way to remove and prevent algae from rearing its head. Keep reading to learn how in three simple steps.

What You Need to Know About Balancing Your Hot Tub Water


Your hot tub water might look clean, but is it really? And how can you be certain? Instead of relying on guesswork, why not check out our article on the importance of testing the pH levels of your hot tub? With regular testing, you can rest assured your hot tub is as clean and healthy as the day you first bought it. Read on for more!

5 Reasons You Need A Swimming Pool in Your Life


Still sitting on the fence about installing a swimming pool?

Sure, it might seem like an expensive proposition, but imagine how relaxed you’ll feel in your very own backyard oasis. You won’t need to travel to a far-off destination because you can vacation right at home. Every day! There are so many benefits to owning a swimming pool, that we compiled our top five reasons below.

Read on for more!

5 Amazing Swimming Pool Trends Making a Splash in 2018

Swimming Pool

Are you ready to take your swimming pool to the next level? Whether you’re considering a brand-new swimming pool installation in Maryland or Pennsylvania, or simply want to upgrade your existing pool, here are five pool design ideas to keep in mind for 2018 and beyond.

Hot Tub Water Issues Explained

Hot Tub In Garden with Large Tree

Even if you take proper care of your hot tub, you might experience some issues from time to time. There are many factors that could spark a temporary issue, including seasonal changes, weathering, poor maintenance, misused products or water chemistry. Those are only some of the leading causes behind some of the most common hot tub water issues. Read on to learn more and learn how to identify problems seamlessly and treat them.

Should I Buy a Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

Swim Spa

Hot tub or swim spa? This is perhaps one of the most asked questions from anyone who is looking to add some amazing water features to their backyard. There is nothing quite like the comfort of a hot tub and the flexibility of a swim spa. In many ways, both options are very similar, but there are also many other differences between the two. Which one is going to be better suited to your needs? This article might be able to shed some light on the difference between hot tubs and swim spas, and you might be able to gain a better perspective to make your selection!

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