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What You Need to Know About Balancing Your Hot Tub Water


Your hot tub water might look clean, but is it really? And how can you be certain? Instead of relying on guesswork, why not check out our article on the importance of testing the pH levels of your hot tub? With regular testing, you can rest assured your hot tub is as clean and healthy as the day you first bought it. Read on for more!

5 Reasons You Need A Swimming Pool in Your Life


Still sitting on the fence about installing a swimming pool?

Sure, it might seem like an expensive proposition, but imagine how relaxed you’ll feel in your very own backyard oasis. You won’t need to travel to a far-off destination because you can vacation right at home. Every day! There are so many benefits to owning a swimming pool, that we compiled our top five reasons below.

Read on for more!

5 Amazing Swimming Pool Trends Making a Splash in 2018

Swimming Pool

Are you ready to take your swimming pool to the next level? Whether you’re considering a brand-new swimming pool installation in Maryland or Pennsylvania, or simply want to upgrade your existing pool, here are five pool design ideas to keep in mind for 2018 and beyond.

Hot Tub Water Issues Explained

Hot Tub In Garden with Large Tree

Even if you take proper care of your hot tub, you might experience some issues from time to time. There are many factors that could spark a temporary issue, including seasonal changes, weathering, poor maintenance, misused products or water chemistry. Those are only some of the leading causes behind some of the most common hot tub water issues. Read on to learn more and learn how to identify problems seamlessly and treat them.

Should I Buy a Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

Swim Spa

Hot tub or swim spa? This is perhaps one of the most asked questions from anyone who is looking to add some amazing water features to their backyard. There is nothing quite like the comfort of a hot tub and the flexibility of a swim spa. In many ways, both options are very similar, but there are also many other differences between the two. Which one is going to be better suited to your needs? This article might be able to shed some light on the difference between hot tubs and swim spas, and you might be able to gain a better perspective to make your selection!

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

Hot Tub Installation Outside

If you’re looking into purchasing a brand-new hot tub, you are probably aware that there are many options for you out there. It’s important to understand that there might be a difference in quality in relation to your budget. In other words, you do get what you pay for and the most high-end models certainly offer more perks than cheaper, entry-level hot tubs. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend huge amount of money for a good quality hot tub. Read on to find out more about what you can expect from a hot tub depending on its price range!

How to Clean Your Swimming Pool Perfectly

Pool cleaning supplies

As a pool owner, you probably already know the importance of keeping your pool safe and clean. Keeping your pool from getting dirty is not just a matter of aesthetics. Sure, a clean pool certainly looks much nicer than a dirty, neglected one, but there is so much more at stake. Dirty or unclean pools can become a safety hazard for you and your loved ones.

DIY Pool Hacks

Circular pool in a stone deck

Are you looking for fun, unique and affordable ways to improve your backyard pool experience? There are many ways you can enhance the functionality of your backyard and bring your pool area to life. With some simple hacks, you will certainly be able to improve the quality of the pool experience for you and your family.

Learn how with these intuitive DIY hacks!

Backyard Water Safety

swimming pool with flowers and and cobble stone

Water safety should matter to everyone, especially to those who own a spa or a pool!

In this environment, it’s so important for homeowners and guests alike to follow a set of proper rules and to abide by safety standards. Read this article to learn more about what you can do to improve the safety of your backyard pool or hot tub installation, and how you can ultimately create a better experience for you and your family!

Salt Water VS. Chlorine Pools

Individuals at a pool party

Should you buy a salt water generator or use a traditional chlorine pool?

This is a question that many people ask themselves, particularly when they are planning on buying a new pool. There are actually many pros and cons for both options. We compiled a list for you! Keep reading to learn about the benefits of both, and make the best decision for you and your loved ones!

How to Throw the Best Pool Party This Summer

Pool float

If you have a pool and it’s the summertime, just do the math.

Throwing a party is certainly a given! There are many great reasons why you should consider throwing a party. Summer is often hot, and having a party is a great “excuse” for you to spend time in a fresh pool full of cool water with your friends and family. You can even throw a nice BBQ and add something ever more special to cater to your guests in the best possible ways. If you are looking to throw the party of the summer, read on to learn some juicy tips and cool ideas.

The Benefits of Owning a Pool

Friends at a pool party

Get ready to make a splash!

If you’re thinking about investing in a backyard swimming pool, we have some good news for you! There are so many benefits to owning and using a pool on a regular basis that you can experience! There’s so much more to owning a swimming pool than simply a fun way to cool off in the summertime. They can be used for so many recreational activities, and can even improve your health!

Now, let’s dive into some of these benefits, shall we?

Hot Tub Health Benefits

Hot tub installation

It’s hard to deny – hot tubs provide an extremely relaxing and luxurious experience.

From the heat of the water, to the massaging technique of the jets throughout the tub, hot tubs are truly designed to offer enjoyment and rejuvenation for everybody who sets foot inside. Not only do they provide a fantastic way to pass the time with your family and friends in a lovely environment, but they offer an array of health benefits too! In fact, hot tubs have been used for many years specifically for the health benefits they offer.

Let’s take a look at some of those health benefits, shall we?

Top 5 Pool Exercises

Top 5 Pool Exercises

Pool exercises are great for people who are looking to stay healthy and train in a safe and comfortable way. Regular water-based exercise in a swimming pool can help you get fit and remain active, among many wonderful health benefits! If you’re tired of doing laps and would like to spice up your underwater workout regimen, this article is perfect for you!

Hot Tub Yoga 101: Everything You Need to Know

Hot Tub Yoga 101: Everything You Need to Know

Want to take your yoga moves to the next level? Why not try hot tub yoga! There are so many wonderful benefits of immersing your body in the warmth of the crystal-clear water, especially when combined with the health benefits of yoga! Hot tubs and yoga share an affinity for health and relaxation, so it was only natural for them to meet and create some amazing synergy. Hot tub yoga is becoming increasingly popular these days. It’s a great way to introduce a low-impact exercise routine into your life, as well as reap the benefits of your hot tubs by unlocking its full relaxation effects and perks. Let’s take a look at some of the basics!

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