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Impulse DP™

Impulse DP™ in Maryland and Pennsylvania

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Seating Capacity: 5
Jets: 14   View Jets
Dimensions: 78.5 in. (199.4 cm) Round x 35 in. (88.9 cm) Deep
Spa Volume: Approx. 300 gal. (1135.6 L)

The innovations on display in Nordic's Impulse DP™, rivaled only by its lavish style, will impress the most discerning of spa users. Perfect for tall people - up to five bathers of any age can enjoy the deep, unobstructed seating and let tensions and worries stream away through swirling warmth and massage. Hand-crafted from the finest materials available, incorporating the same components found in spas costing three times as much, and offering Nordic's dual-therapy system, the Impulse DP™ will envelop you in pleasure and relaxation.

You can enjoy Nordic's exclusive dual-therapy system (DTS™) ‐ classic hydrotherapy delivered via powerful, targeted jets, but also gentler, whirlpool therapy, proven to better alleviate whole-body soreness. Professional athletes all over the world have enjoyed the benefits of whole-body, whirlpool therapy for years, a feature you will find only in Nordic's elegant creations.

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