How To Stop Swimming Pool Algae In 3 Simple Steps

Does your swimming pool look green with envy? Are there spots of fuzzy plant-like organisms taking up residence in the water?

If you’re having trouble with excessive amounts of slime, bubble, or any type of growth, that’s a sure sign you have swimming pool algae. But it’s not all bad news!

There is a way to remove and prevent swimming pool algae from rearing its head. Keep reading to learn how in three simple steps.

What Is Swimming Pool Algae, And Why Is It Bad?

Ugly, deeply annoying, and a pretty common problem among pool owners, algae are microscopic plants of which there are about 25,000 different species known to thrive. Green algae, which is the most common kind of algae, is typically found floating in the water or clinging at the bottom and sides of your pool.

If not thoroughly treated, it can give birth to a dangerous root killer that could end up costing a small fortune to fix.

What Causes Swimming Pool Algae?

Insufficient filtration and sanitation are the main culprits of green algae. However, algae spores can be introduced into a pool through wind, rain, dirt, and even on a swimmer’s body or bathing suit.

Even the most well-maintained pools are susceptible to algae spores. The trick is to keep a watchful eye and treat the problem as soon as you see it.

Things You Will Require To Remove Swimming Pool Algae

You can remove and prevent swimming pool algae in the three steps listed below. However, you will need the following tools: a vacuum, the Sustain Chemical Package, and a brush.

Step #1: Shock Your Pool

To completely get rid of all the algae in your swimming pool, shock your pool using the Sustain Chemical Package. It’s a 3-part system, and it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Step #2: Develop a Scheduled Brushing Routine

Because algae can burrow its roots inside the cracks of pool walls, floors, and steps, we advise brushing these areas at least once a week, to prevent them from forming in your pool.

Step #3: Remove Dirt and Debris with a Vacuum

Once you’ve dislodged the algae spores through brushing, now is a good time to vacuum to remove any spore residue, dirt, and debris that could find its way back into your pool.

So, there you have it! Three simple steps to eliminating algae growth in your swimming pool.

Pool Cleaning Products At Van Dorn Pools And Spas

Do you need a chemical package to take care of your algae growth? Chemical packages are a great way to easily upkeep your pool, ward off the need for repairs and keep your pool water right for swimming. At Van Dorn Pools and Spas, we offer Sustain chemical packages so that maintaining your pool is a breeze.

Learn more about our water care products or contact us for more information. We have locations in Kingsville and Reisterstown, MD, and Shrewsbury, PA. Our staff will be happy to help you!

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