Liner Replacement

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Van Dorn Pools and Spas will restore your pool to its prior beauty! No matter what condition it is in or how deteriorated it has become. Just imagine how bright and colorful your new liner will look. We can also provide improvements to your pool structure, decking or filtration system so it will be worry free for many years to come. No matter how bad your pool looks now, we can restore it to look like new!

Our vinyl liner replacement process will always include the following steps:

• Pumping the old water from the pool
• Removal and disposal of the old liner
• Inspection of the pool structure for harmful damage
• Floor repair, as needed
• Installation of wall foam and interior gaskets, as needed
• Installation of the custom-fitted pool liner
• Replacement of face plates for the skimmers, returns, and drains
• Reinstallation of the step and light trims, if applicable

Additional services we provide to improve your pool can also include:

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