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Hot Tub Brand
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Seat Size
Encore SE
Encore SE™
Jubilee SE
Jubilee SE™
Escape SE™
Retreat SE
Retreat SE™
Stella SE™
DAmour SE
D’Amour SE™

$$$ Price Range

Getting the hot tub that you’ve always dreamed of owning doesn’t have to be a costly and frustrating venture. When you’re looking to purchase an incredible hot tub, but you’re still considering hot tub prices, look no further than our mid-priced range. Our hot tubs boast a wide assortment of impressive features, allowing you to select the best one for your needs. Instead of splurging on upgrades that aren’t a good fit for you, you can instead be picky to help ensure you’re choosing the right one for yourself.

The J-345™ is an amazing hot tub at a competitive price. With a 390-gallon capacity and 39 jets placed throughout it, you’ll soak away your cares in no time. It also boasts an indulgent jetted foot dome, allowing you to pamper your feet while you relax. We are pleased to offer only the best hot tubs, and the J-245™ is no different. It features a 360-gallon capacity and an amazing 35 jets. It also boasts a back waterfall and a jet foot dome, ensuring that none of your muscles are aching when you finish your soak.

You should never have to compromise when choosing a hot tub. To see our fine selection of hot tubs and hot tub accessories, or to speak to a knowledgeable sales associate about any questions you may have about our spas, please visit our clean and bright showroom here at Van Dorn Pool and Spas in Kingsville, Reisterstown, and Shrewsbury!