Pool Accessories


Solar panels, led lighting systems, and automatic cleaners are only the beginning. Come into any showroom for more personalized attention from our warm and friendly staff.

Deck installation


Completely change your family life by adding a deck to your pool or bridging a pool-level deck to an existing deck or patio. Have poolside barbecues or use a lounge area to stretch out and relax while the kids use the pool.

Anything you can dream, we can do. Let our award winning designers help with your project.


Your pool can be deeper than it looks. Part of the pool can be up to 7 feet deep due to advancements in liner technologies. Both children and adults enjoy the extra depth for relaxation, play and water-based exercise.

Typically, one end is deeper but an alternative is to lower the center of the pool. The bottom of the pool is shaped with a ramp to the deep section and an upgraded liner is required when a swim area is selected.


Now available are step units built-in to the side walls of above ground pools, just like those used by in-ground pools. With a cleaner look and easier maintenance, this is particularly suited to sloped sites or when a deck leads to the edge of the pool.

heat pump


Pool heaters help extend your backyard swim season by months. Instead of thinking of swim season as Memorial day to Labor day, think April through October. Heaters can be used with above ground pools as well as in-ground pools. Heat pump technology makes it affordable.

Aqua Comfort offers an extended season of swimming for less. Utilizing heat pump technology to warm or cool your pool water, your swim season can last from April to October. Aqua Comfort is green, their heaters reduce the amount of energy used to heat your pool and reduce emissions.

The life expectancy of an Aqua Comfort heater is nearly twice that of a fossil fuel heater. The cost to heat your pool with an Aqua Comfort pool heater is 80% less than a propane heater and 70% less than a natural gas heater. Aqua Comfort heat pumps input 30-40% more heat than similarly sized competitive heat pumps in the critical first and last 30 days of the swimming season, when you need it most.


Let’s face the facts: every pool needs to be cleaned and sanitized. The traditional method of sanitation is chemical based. It needs constant monitoring, testing and adjustment to assure that the mix of chemicals in the pool are at the correct level.

Ozone Generators kill bacteria in your pool without using harsh chemicals and do not need constant attention or supplies. For people who are chlorine sensitive, the amount of chlorine required to clean the pool is substantially reduced.

A properly sized ozone generator, combined with a low level chlorine system, will effectively sanitize your pool for less cost, and is itself easier to clean. If you’re thinking about a salt generator because it sounds more health and earth friendly, look at an ozone generator instead – the benefits are clear.


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