5 Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Pool and Spa Water Clean

Nothing is more inviting than slipping into the heated, sparkling clean waters of your spa. Aside from using the correct chemicals, there is a variety of handy hacks for keeping your spa’s water spotless.

In this article, we review tips and tricks to help keep your pool and spa water clean.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Pool and Spa Water

We encourage the routine maintenance and cleaning of your swimming pool, hot tub, or swim spa.

There are many reasons why it’s important to commit to a regular cleaning and maintenance routine, including:

  • Maintain the quality and longevity of your pool and/or spa
  • Create a safe and enjoyable environment for family and friends
  • Reduce the risk of skin irritations or other health conditions
  • Save money by reducing the risk of costly repairs

How To Keep Your Pool and Spa Water Clean – 5 Best Tips

how to keep your pool and spa water clean

1. Use Tennis Balls to Absorb Grime

Who knew tennis balls could be so useful for your spa? By adding

some tennis balls to your spa’s skimmer or directly to the water, you can cut down on the oils and residue created by users’ body washes, lotions, and cosmetics.

The fuzzy material sucks in the grime, trapping all of the things that can lead to foamy water. Be sure to change the balls on a regular basis to keep your water sparkling.

2. Use Vinegar to Ensure Good Water Flow

Hard water can often result in calcium build-up in your spa’s jets, causing them to become unmovable, possibly to the point where they stop working altogether.

White vinegar is the perfect cleaning agent for your jets. Not only is it a cheap fix, but it’s also a very effective way to get rid of calcium buildup.

The acidity of the vinegar breaks through the calcium, but it will probably also throw your water out of balance. Check the water’s pH and alkalinity levels and add chemicals as needed.

3. Use Bleach

While we don’t recommend using bleach in your spa, when mixed well with water, it’s great for cleaning the underside of your spa’s cover. Regular cleanings can get rid of any mildew formed by the heat and steam of your spa. It also protects your spa from smelly water.

Begin by finding a spray bottle and then combine nine parts water with one part bleach and mix well. Spray the solution on the underside of your cover, wipe well and then rinse thoroughly.

4. Use Stockings

Stockings make a perfect net for keeping dirt out of your lower return inlets. This diaphanous fabric can completely cover and protect the lower return inlets from dirt when you change your hot tub water.

This is a big plus because the more dirt you can keep out of the filter system, the cleaner your spa water will be.

5. Wear a Hat

If you or other users have long hair, wearing a hat is one of the easiest things you can do to keep your spa water clean. Putting long hair up in a ponytail won’t prevent hair from getting into your water.

And that is something you definitely don’t want because your shampoo and other hair products can slide off into the water.

With these practical suggestions, you can enjoy sparkling clean spa water.

Maintain Your Pool and Spa Water with Van Dorn Pools & Spa

The No. 1 priority at Van Dorn Pools and Spas is customer satisfaction. As one of the top pool companies in Maryland, we can help you find the right pool or swim spa for you.

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