Should I Buy A New Or Used Hot Tub? What You Need To Know

Buying a hot tub might be at the top of your wish list, but the reality is all about budget and how much you can spend.

You might want one for the whole family to use and enjoy together, but can only afford a two-person hot tub. A great way to surpass a bigger budget, while still finding a high-quality hot tub, is to buy used!

While there are many wonderful benefits to purchasing a used hot tub, such as cost and environmental impact to name a few, there can be some cons if you aren’t careful with the purchase.

Although some used hot tubs for sale might look like a bargain, you should still do your homework first before spending money on something that could put a hole in your bank account.


If you are thinking about buying a used hot tub from an individual or online, just remember that you want to take home the spa of your dreams – not a washout.

Hot tubs from private sellers are generally sold as-is, so the seller isn’t liable for issues that creep up after the sale. It’s the same for deals online. Upfront costs may be less for used hot tubs, but there are some sacrifices you may have to make.

For example, a used hot tub is unlikely to come with a warranty, you will have to pay the full price upfront without financing options, and you’ll also have to pay for delivery and installation.

Alternatively, you might choose to buy from a selection of used hot tubs for sale by a dealer or look for a special offer on a new model. In which case, you may be able to negotiate a payment plan, installation, delivery, and some after-sale warranty. They will ensure the hot tub has been deep cleaned and refurbished to look like new, they will have it delivered and fitted and offer a warranty.

Purchasing from a hot tub dealer can provide you with the added confidence that it’s in good working order. If you get your hot tub home and something isn’t working quite right, most hot tub dealerships will send a technician to rectify the problem.


Pay attention to used hot tubs for sale and give them an entire inspection (or have an expert inspect it) if you are considering buying.

Are there scratches or cracks in the shell? Is there water damage to the cabinet? Does the control panel work properly? Is there standing water or corroded wiring when you open the access panel? Turn on the water, do the pumps deliver adequate pressure?

It goes without saying that used hot tubs for sale are usually older models, likely to be a bit out of date with fewer modern gadgets and hot tub accessories.


Before making a decision, research all the options available and ask yourself:

  • How old is the hot tub?
  • Is the seller trustworthy?
  • Are maintenance records available?
  • How much will it cost to deliver and install?
  • What happens when the hot tub needs new parts or repairs?

If you are still unsure, it might make sense to buy a new hot tub from a dealer. If the price is an issue, an option could be buying a smaller two-person hot tub, then trading up in a few months or a couple of years for a bigger model and more hot tub accessories.

Alternatively, you can always wait until a great promotion or year-end sale is happening, as well!

A new hot tub will be sold by a trusted dealership and they can offer you a selection of models, from entry-level to luxury and premium.

Chat with our hot tub experts at Van Dorn Pools and Spas to find out more and help you make a decision. Visit one of our three spa dealerships in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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