Backyard Water Safety – Importance & Precautions

Water safety should matter to everyone, especially to those who own a spa or a pool!

In this environment, it’s so important for homeowners and guests alike to follow a set of proper rules and to abide by safety standards.

Read this article to learn more about what you can do to improve the safety of your backyard pool or hot tub installation, and how you can ultimately create a better experience for you and your family!

The Importance Of Swimming Lessons

If you have a large pool or swim spa, it’s quite important to make sure that you and your family members can swim. Knowing how to swim can provide you and your family with both confidence and a peace of mind, especially if a younger swimmer is having difficulty or is learning how to swim.

It can be pretty overwhelming for children to learn how to swim. At times, they might feel anxious and start to panic, which could lead to danger even in shallow waters. Having a person with them who is a strong, confident swimmer can create a safe and secure environment for all.

Creating And Maintaining A Safe And Functional Backyard

Creating a safe and functional backyard begins with a plan. Plan around your pool, swim spa, or hot tub, to increase safety, while still keeping your backyard stylish and aesthetically appealing.

Plan your landscape so that it flows from your deck or patio to your hot tub or pool. You can incorporate pathways, stepping stones, flower gardens, mulch gardens, and exterior lighting.

Add backyard furniture such as tables, couches, chairs and storage areas to keep everything organized. You and your guests can lounge around a patio table while not in the water, and keep belongings on chairs instead of on the ground.

Keep floatation devices, water toys, chemicals and a first aid kit safety stored away in a customized storage bin or area.

Your backyard should always be functional and properly maintained. Start by keeping it clean on a regular basis to avoid clutter from building up, or even to help reduce the weathering of the items and furniture in your backyard.

If you know it’s going to rain or the weather is getting colder, bring your outdoor furniture inside or pack away in storage. By maintaining your area and keeping it clean, you can improve year-round safety.

Water Safety Precautions

Safety in and around the water is extremely important.

Some pool owners have installed “panic handles” in the pool, so people can grab them and hold on to something if they feel overwhelmed by being in the water. This is common for those who can’t swim well, or for small children.

Installing non-slip surfaces where applicable can most definitely improve the safety within your backyard. It’s so easy to slip and fall, so by installing non-slip surfaces you can provide users and swimmers with an added peace of mind.

Standard Backyard Rules

Especially when you have children around you, rules go a long way. Make sure you set some rules and stick to your guidelines. Some rules can include:

  • No running
  • No yelling
  • Don’t go in the water without an adult
  • Be respectful
  • Always wear a lifejacket

Taking small steps towards a safe environment can truly make all the difference, and allow everyone to have fun in the water!

Cpr And First Aid Training For Emergencies

In case of emergency, it is recommended to keep a CPR and/or First aid kit handy and within reach at all times. Some homeowners may find it beneficial to take basic first aid training classes, in order to provide proper assistance if needed.

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