3 Ways To Safely Store Your Pool And Spa Chemicals

Your swimming pool and spa are an inviting escape from the daily grind. Nothing is more enjoyable than coming home from work and enjoying a soak in your hot tub or cooling off on a hot day in your swimming pool.

Of course, to be able to properly enjoy your pool and spa, you do need to make sure you keep it clean and fresh. Swimming pool maintenance starts with special chemicals that are required to keep your spa and pool free from buildup and debris.

However, these chemicals can be quite hazardous if not stored properly.

By knowing how to store them correctly, you can help protect yourself, your family, pets, and wildlife from accidental exposure or encounters with these powerful chemicals.

Let’s take a look at the 3 best ways to safely store your pool and spa chemicals.


When you purchased your spa and pool chemicals, they came packaged in their own container. While it may be tempting to decant them and move them to another type of container, this could be a grave mistake. If you switch these chemicals to another container, you run the risk of accidentally triggering a toxic chemical reaction.

Furthermore, the container that you move them to may not be compatible with the chemicals and could melt or become compromised. Not to mention that you risk mistaking one chemical for another or not having easy access to the instructions/safety warnings. For safety’s sake, never remove them from their original containers.


It’s ideal to store the chemicals in a temperature-controlled environment. Setting aside a storage shed that has a regulated temperature is ideal, but if that isn’t possible, try to place them in a cool, dry location.

Never store your pool and spa chemicals in direct sunlight. Some chemicals cannot be stored in areas of excessive heat, either, as they can start to degrade or even become combustible. Furthermore, these chemicals should not be at risk of freezing, either. This could make them less effective.


Certain chemicals can become very harmful if they are allowed to mix. Many people are not aware of these hazards and may innocently stack certain chemicals on top of others, or may casually place them side by side in their storage shed.

This could be extremely unsafe! For instance, chlorine and acid should never be close to one another. They can give off toxic fumes that can be lethal if inhaled. Make sure you never stack your chemicals or place them directly next to ones that could trigger a chemical reaction.


Are your pool and spa chemicals safely out of the reach of your children and pets?

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