Prepare Your Backyard For Summer In 7 Simple Steps

When the weather starts to warm up, there’s nothing quite like escaping to the retreat known as your backyard.

However, if your yard is a jungle of weeds and clutter, it may not be the ideal place to frolic this summer.

To help make your backyard the type of place that you feel the most comfortable and relaxed in, these seven steps can put you on the path toward having a yard that feels like a slice of paradise – even on the hottest of days.


For some reason, backyards are a magnet for clutter. If you’ve been storing unused tools and other items in your backyard, you’ll want to set aside a day to get out there and clean it out.

Plan to spend an afternoon hauling all of your unwanted junk to your local recycling center or dump. That way, you won’t have any eyesores sullying your relaxation when you step outside this summer.


Just like your yard can start to collect unwanted junk, so can your shed. After all, out of sight, out of mind, right?

Our sheds tend to be a catchall for all of our unwanted tools and other rubbish, so make sure you get in there and sort out the stuff you want to keep and what you want to toss.


If you want a luxurious and fragrant flower garden this summer, it’s best to start early.

Read up on which flowers bloom when so you can time their arrival for a pleasant scent all summer long. If you’re thinking about a vegetable garden, that can also be a fun hobby to engage in this summer.

Make sure you plan ahead so you know when to harvest your cornucopia.


Even if you decide against a garden, you still want your backyard to look nice if you’re having guests over this summer.

Make sure you dust off your lawnmower and spend some time clearing out weeds before you host your next summer barbeque. Adding exterior lighting can also help to brighten up your backyard and outdoor living space.

Try including a variety of in-ground lights, fence lights, and even some hanging lights to really illuminate your space.


Your patio is going to get a lot of attention from you this summer, so you want to ensure that it is an enjoyable and inviting place to hang out. If you can, consider purchasing, borrowing, or even renting a power washer to hose off your patio and other features of your backyard.

Removing moss and dirt can do wonders for overall appearance!


Patio furniture can quickly become grimy and dirty if left out all winter. They can start to accumulate a layer of filth and film, making you not want to use it. Give your patio furniture a thorough scrub down so you have a place to sit and relax when the days get longer.


Of course, no summer is complete without a dip in the swimming pool! Swimming pool maintenance is an essential part of making your backyard a great place to unwind.

Make sure you clean it and make it sparkling fresh for your enjoyment this summer. That way you can dive in without hesitation when the weather breaks into the 90s and higher.

We also suggest creating a safe and aesthetically-pleasing storage area for all of your pool and spa accessories, chemicals, and essentials. Here are some ideas to help you get started!


Are you excited about summer? For more fun tips and advice on how to make the most of your yard this season, please take a peek at our blog.

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