Preparing Your Swimming Pool & Backyard for Spring – 7 Tips

Has it been months and months since you’ve used your swimming pool?

If so, that also means it’s been quite a while since you performed any pool maintenance. If you’re feeling a little out of practice, don’t worry.

Our tips will have your pool and backyard back up to speed in no time, so you can make the most of Spring, Summer, and beyond!

1. Clean Your Swimming Pool Cover

Old Man Winter can really take a toll on your pool cover. Reverse the ravages of snow and ice by ridding your cover of debris and then pump all excess water off of the surface.

Remove the cover and wipe it down with a damp cloth. Let it dry before packing it away for the season.

2. Inspect The Swimming Pool For Damage

Before you do anything else, take some time to look for cracks and other types of damage. It is far easier to deal with small repairs before your pool is fully filled.

Take a look at the pump, plugs, connections, and skimmer baskets too, and make any needed repairs before turning on your filtration system.

3. Reconnect All Equipment

The next step is to reconnect all of the equipment that was removed when you were winterizing the pool. Items such as the pool filter, pump, and heater can all be reconnected and ladders and handrails installed.

Change out your winter plugs with your regular drain plugs and re-attach all hoses removed before the winter.

4. Run Filtration System

Don’t activate your filtration system until you’ve made sure the plumbing lines have no air in them. This job can be rather complex, so you may want to have a professional blow out the lines for you.

Once your lines are air-free, you can switch on the filtration system.

5. Add and Test Your Water

After adding water to get your swimming pool back up to its normal level, it’s important to let the water rest for at least eight hours before doing any testing.

Be sure to have test strips or a test kit on hand to check the water’s pH levels as well as the total alkalinity and its chlorine and calcium levels.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when measuring and preparing all pool chemicals.

6. Do Some Spring Cleaning

Your pool will likely need some TLC after months of no use, so be prepared to brush down the walls and vacuum the bottom to get rid of algae and bacteria.

Allow your filtration system to run overnight to complete the cleaning process.

7. Shock Your Pool

Now that your pool is clean, it’s time to shock your pool. Add two pounds of shock treatment for every 10,000 gallons of water and then run the circulation system for a few hours.

Finish off by adding some algae prevention treatment to prevent re-growth.

Swimming Pool Company in Maryland & Pennsylvania

Our goal at Van Dorn Pools and Spas is to help our clients to maintain and enjoy their pools all summer long.

We not only sell above-ground swimming pools and pool accessories, but we’re also a pool supply store offering everything from chemicals to cleaning tools.

Service and maintenance including pool liner replacement and water cleaning is also something that we offer. Whether you’re pool shopping or need to stock up on pool essentials, we’d love to see you.

Drop-in at any of our three locations Monday through Saturday.

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