How To Clean Your Swimming Pool Perfectly In 3 Steps

As a pool owner, you probably already know the importance of keeping your pool safe and clean. Keeping your pool from getting dirty is not just a matter of aesthetics.

Sure, a clean pool certainly looks much nicer than a dirty, neglected one, but there is so much more at stake. Dirty or unclean pools can become a safety hazard for you and your loved ones.

This article will guide you through some essential steps you must know and take to properly maintain your pool, ensuring it is clean and safe at all times.

3 Steps To Cleaning A Pool

Cleaning a pool might be a little time consuming, but deep cleaning isn’t constantly required.

Things such as changing or cleaning the filters might be done once a month or once every few months, depending on how often you use your pool, the surrounding environment or your specific backyard situation.

Having said that, there are many things that you could do regularly to ensure that your pool will remain as clean as possible and free of extensive debris.

Step 1: Clean the Surface of the Water

The first logical step forward is to clean the surface of the water. You can use a net to capture debris, dirt, dead leaves, bugs or any other contaminants that might have found its way in your pool. If you allow too many debris to fall into your pool, they might clog your filters or other essential parts of the pool over time!

If there is dirt that’s stuck to the sides or to the bottom of your pool, you can always use a brush to remove it as well.

Step 2: Treat with Products

Depending on your specific pool, you’ll have to maintain the chemical balance of the water. This is done by testing the water using various pH balance test strips and the like, and then treating based on those results.

That also goes to say that if you notice the physical appearance of the water is murky or has a foul odor, it might be time to really give it a good clean.

Step 3: Drain or Call an Expert

If the water inside your pool is truly questionable and water issues aren’t being resolved using chemical treatments, it might be wise to empty the pool, clean it, and refill it.

This will give you a chance to give the insides of your pool a good, deep cleaning and inspect the system to ensure there is no damage or problem areas.

If you require help with this step, it may be wise to call a professional for pool service solutions. Van Dorn Pools and Spas offers quick and efficient pool service in Maryland and Pennsylvania.


There are many useful products that can make the cleaning process easier and practical. Algaecide liquids prevent the insurgence of algae, which might be potentially dangerous.

Robotic in-ground pool cleaners are also becoming more and more common, as they can automatically keep the surface of your pool clean. Chlorine tablets can help you keep the water clean and safe from bacteria.

These are only some of the many hundreds of different products available to help you keep your pool clean and safe at all time. Speak with our team of pool specialists at Van Dorn Pools and Spas to learn more about our various pool chemicals for sale.

If you are looking for more information, tips or advice, contact us at Van Dorn Pools and Spas. We proudly serve the Kingsville, Reisterstown and Shrewsbury communities!

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