4 Hot Tub Water Issues Explained – Identify & Treat Them

Even if you take proper care of your hot tub, you might experience some issues from time to time. There are many factors that could spark a temporary issue, including seasonal changes, weathering, poor maintenance, misused products or water chemistry.

Those are only some of the leading causes behind some of the most common hot tub water issues.

Read on to learn more and learn how to identify problems seamlessly and treat them.

1. Hot Tub Not Heating Properly

If your hot tub isn’t heating properly, you might be experiencing issues with your thermostat or other hardware equipment.

This could lead to energy wastage, since your thermostat and heater will have to work harder to regulate the temperature, thus using more power than usual.

If the hot tub water isn’t heating properly in your hot tub, we highly recommend contacting a spa service professional. Issues like this aren’t easily diagnosed or treated. To ensure the best health of both you and your hot tub, it may be wise to book a hot tub service appointment.

2. Cloudy, Milky Or Foamy Hot Tub Water?

There are many reasons why hot tub water might look cloudy, milk or foamy. One of the most common causes could be the presence of soap and oil residue in the water. These contaminants usually enter the spa on skin, hair, or clothing.

On the other hand, the chemical composition of the water could simply be unbalanced. Acidic water where the pH is not perfectly measured could lead to a cloudy look. In most circumstances, it will be possible to use absorption strips or other products to remove residue in your water.

You can also use testing strips and other tools to make sure that the water’s composition is just about right. If you have been neglecting your filters, you might even find that the cause of how tub water looking cloudy is that your filters are dirty or clogged.

It might be useful to check them out, rinse them or replace them, if necessary.

Sometimes, just a simple cleaning can be the answer you’re looking for. And remember, it’s highly recommended that you drain and refill the water every three to four months.

3. Does It Smell?

If your how tub water smells bad, there could be some contamination from outer sources or chemical cleaners and sanitizers have been used improperly. If the smell of your water doesn’t feel right, prevent from bathing, as it might be a sign of further issues that could potentially harm you or your family.

Speak with the hot tub service department at Van Dorn Pools & Spas today to ensure that you are using the right amount of chemicals when maintaining your hot tub.

4. Irritated Skin

If your hot tub water seems to irritate the skin, it may be dirty or has an improper amount of chlorine or other sanitizing agents. In certain circumstances, excessive chlorines or pool chemicals could harm bathers.

If the water in your hot tub is irritating your skin, try draining the spa, cleaning it thoroughly, rinsing filters, and refilling the water. If the skin irritations continue, it may be time to contact a professional.

The Importance Of Spa Service

Hot tub service performed on a regular basis will help you stay on top of the maintenance schedule and prevent issues from happening in the first place. It’s always a good habit to periodically have a professional check out your prized tub to make sure it is always in top condition.

In addition to consulting a professional, always remember to take care of your hot tub regularly, through periodic maintenance and cleaning operations. This will enhance the lifespan of your hot tub and ensure great durability and quality performance in the long run.

Need help troubleshooting or looking for quality servicing for your hot tub?

Feel free to contact our team of experts at Van Dorn Pools & Spas in Kingsville, Reisterstown, and Shrewsbury.

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