Above-Ground Pools: Transform Your Yard Into A Summer Paradise

Tired of buying a cheap one-season pool every year, only to go through the hassle of tearing it down and starting again the next summer season? 

Don’t want to re-landscape your yard to accommodate an in-ground installation? 

In-ground pools are generally expensive, while above-ground pools, such as those from a Doughboy© or Embassy, are not only affordable, but easy to install!

Read on for our must-know tips and tricks, and make an informed decision that will save you time and money.

Are you considering taking the plunge into upgrading your backyard to a permanent summer paradise? 

In this guide you will discover the top eight things to consider before you transform your greenspace to a summertide oasis.

How to Choose An Above-Ground Pool

Choosing the right above ground pool is crucial to your long-term enjoyment, and not every pool is going to meet your unique needs.

Before beginning to explore your options there are a few factors worth considering that can help you find your perfect pool!

1. Size and Location

One of the first things to consider when choosing the perfect pool for your yard is the layout of your greenspace.

If you’re unsure how this can affect your installation, it can be helpful to explore other installations to get inspired!

You’ll want to keep your pool in the sun, allowing it to naturally warm your private lagoon without effort.

Furthermore, the ground below your above-ground pool should be solid, so you won’t have to worry about it sinking into the ground over your many years of enjoyment.

Lastly, you will want your pool to be visible from the house, and kept reasonably away from encroaching property lines.

The size and location of your new above-ground pool might even depend on how you plan to get in and out of your pool. 

Do you want to install a ladder, or a two-sided entry system?  Would you prefer to build a raised deck around it?

Once you’ve chosen the ideal setting for your new pool, you’ll want to consider what kind of above-ground pool is best for you.

2. How Will Your Use Your Pool?

Doughboy© and Embassy above-ground pools come in round and oval shapes, ranging from 8-feet in diameter to a whopping 41×21-foot ellipse.

Each one of these sizes and shapes allows for a different swimming experience and influence how it fits into your backyard.

Round Pools

A round pool in any size will take up less real estate than its oval counterpart.

Perfect for entertaining and family fun, the simplicity of installing a round above-ground pool will add to any backyard aesthetic without your space feeling overcrowded.

Oval Pools

If health and wellness is your goal, consider an oval-shaped above-ground pool for your yard!

Whether counting center-laps or elliptical circuits, an oval-shaped pool will offer an aerobic experience that a standard round pool does not.

Bring your gym workout right to your backyard!

3. Materials

Doughboy© And Embassy above-ground pools are built to last, and they provide you with two options when it comes to the material your pool is made of: steel, or resin.


With other manufacturers, this is a money-saving material. 

In general, steel or aluminum pools can be subject to rust. Rest assured, Doughboy© steel pools don’t have this issue! 

Furthermore, because Embassy is a division of Doughboy©, both brands will steer clear of corrosion. 

Doughboy© above-ground steel pools are made with heavier-than-industry standard steel walls, super strong frames, and heavy-duty vinyl liners that give them the capacity to last for decades.


Plastic technologies are changing faster than electronics, these days. 

Not only are resin pools easier to clean and maintain, but they are also more resistant to denting and warping. 

If you live in an area with extreme temperature variances, or if your family loves to scrimmage it out in the yard, this might be the best option for you.

Can’t decide? 

Embassy above-ground pools are your affordable solution for the best of both worlds! 

The strength of steel and the beauty of resin combine with an attractive pattern to create the backyard of your dreams.

4. Decide On a Pool Liner

Having sorted out your preferred size, location, and type of above-ground pool you want to install, it’s time to consider the liner that goes into it.

Did you know there are different types?

E-Z CLIP™ Pool Liners

These exclusive liners are designed with a custom liner receiver for beautiful, full-patterned, bordered liner designs to match your unique style and home decor.

Overlap Pool Liners

These liners use 24″ plastic coping strips to securely hold the liner to the top of the pool wall.

Expandable Pool Liners

Doughboy’s exclusive “True” expandable liners are designed to expand with a smooth deep swimming area for underwater swimming up to 7 feet deep!

Best of all, each and every Doughboy© liner comes with a 100% seam warranty!

Watch this short video to discover why these liners are so impressive!

How Can Doughboy Pools Give A 100% Warranty On All Liner Seams?

5. Set Your Budget

A permanent above-ground pool is an investment in many ways: family time, health and wellness, backyard appeal, and increased property values are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

But what about cost?

Do you have savings you want to “dip” into? 

Financial constraints should also be a part of your decision. 

The average family has so many financial obligations, extra money isn’t always available. When it’s not, an economical monthly payment might be your best option.

At Van Dorn, we work along side some local lenders to hep you find an easy and affordable solution. 

With multiple financing options at your disposal, investing in an above-ground pool installation is as easy as looking forward to the benefits you’re investing in, instead of what it will cost you.

Make Your Pool Last – Don’t Skip Maintenance!

Once you’ve found your dream pool, you’ll want to make it last for many years to come.

This all comes down to your pool maintenance!

Keeping your pool water clean and fresh may feel daunting, at first. In fact, just the word chemicals is enough to prevent some homeowners from investing in a pool. 

Fear not! 

Read on to discover how truly easy it can be to maintain your above-ground pool water, keeping it crystal-clear and spring-fresh with very little effort.

Consider a Sustain Chemical Package

A revolutionizing no-brainer solution to pool maintenance, the Sustain Chemical Package allows you to spend less time maintaining your pool, and more time swimming in it.

Here is just a brief overview of the benefits of using a Sustain Chemical Package:

  • Algae control
  • PH-friendly
  • Pool liner preservation
  • Easily-controlled chlorination
  • Cyanuric acid free
  • Predetermined schedule included!

Just ten minutes per week is all it can take to keep your above-ground pool water revitalized and healthy! 

Aside from convenience, Sustain Chemical Packages are also cost-effective, giving you a legitimate solution to maintaining your own pool.

Do you or a family member have chlorine sensitivities? 

No problem!  Checkout the Oxygen Pools treatment as a safe and effective alternative to standard chemicals.

You may be wondering how it works. 

By creating multiple levels of oxidization in your pool water, one of which includes a safe level of residual hydrogen peroxide, water contaminants and bacteria are virtually eliminated. 

Enjoy clean and safe pool water without relying on a chemical routine.

Above-Ground Pool Upgrades Worth Considering

The simplest accessories can really make a difference in how often you’ll want to use your pool. 

Keep reading to discover the top three recommended upgrades for any above-ground pool installation.

Integrated Steps

Gone are the days when you needed to hang a ladder on the side of your above-ground pool. 

Just like having an in-ground installation, you can opt for built in steps! 

This is ideal for pools placed alongside your deck. These steps are actually included in a portion of your above-ground pool wall, providing a seamless and safe transition into your backyard oasis.

Pool Heaters

Extend your swimming season by installing a pool heater. 

Affordable heat pump technology offers an economical solution to optimizing your above-ground pool, becoming less reliant on sun-warming, and keeping your water at the perfect temperature for swimming most of the year. 

Instead of summer dips, consider spring through fall pool parties for extended family fun!

Ozone Purifications Systems

If you’re still unsure about chemical maintenance, consider installing an ozone purification system. 

You will still need minimal chlorine supplies, but an ozone purification system can help eliminate the bacteria in your pool quickly and efficiently, without the use of additional chemicals.  

Furthermore, these systems will drastically reduce the amount of chlorine necessary to sanitize your water, saving you time and money in the long run.

Shop Above-Ground Pools in Kingsville at Van Dorn Pools and Spas

Deciding to invest in a permanent above-ground pool isn’t a rash decision.

The team at Van Dorn Pools & Spas are your local backyard oasis experts. From design and planning, to service and installation, our professionals will help you find the perfect above-ground pool to suit your needs. 

Choose from reputable brands, like Doughboy© and Embassy, to maximize the lifespan of your above-ground pool. 

Each line boasts modern innovations, high-end components, and stylish designs – all with varying options to accommodate your lifestyle, without compromising on quality.

Need more information before you commit? 

Check out our pool video gallery, and learn everything you need to know about owning an above-ground pool. 

From chemicals to cartridges, to opening and closing your pool seasonally, our resource center will put your mind at ease.

Request a Free Buyers Guide to discover exactly what you want in an above-ground pool before contacting us to make it happen.

Or, try out our Build & Price tool – an easy to use survey on our website that can walk you through the features you’ll need to decide on when you buy.

With sizes and options to fit every yard and budget, take advantage of our expertise and discover how easy owning an above-ground pool really can be!

Van Dorn Pools & Spas has three locations to serve you better. Come visit us at either Kingsville, Reisterstown, or Shrewsbury. Our staff will be happy to help you!

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