Hot Tub Oasis – 5 Steps To Creating a Private Retreat in Your Backyard

Imagine stepping into your backyard and being greeted by a luxurious hot tub oasis—a private retreat where the stresses of the day melt away under the soothing embrace of warm, bubbling waters.

This dream can become your reality with thoughtful planning and the right partnership.

Creating a private hot tub oasis in your backyard is more than just a home improvement project; it’s an investment in your well-being, offering a sanctuary for relaxation, a hub for entertainment, and a source of countless health benefits.

The journey to crafting your personal retreat requires attention to detail, from selecting the perfect spot in your backyard to choosing the hot tub that best fits your needs, all the way to designing the surrounding space for ultimate privacy and comfort.

Each step is crucial in transforming your outdoor area into a haven of tranquility and enjoyment.

Turn to the experts! Van Dorn Pools & Spas is ready to guide you through each phase of the creation process.

From the initial planning and design to the selection and installation of your hot tub, our team provides unparalleled expertise and support in every aspect of backyard life!

Let’s dive into the five essential steps to creating your backyard hot tub oasis, and discover how Van Dorn Pools and Spas can help you achieve the private retreat you’ve always envisioned.

Step 1. Planning Your Space

The first step in creating your backyard hot tub oasis is planning your space.

This phase is foundational, determining not just where your hot tub will go, but how well it integrates into your lifestyle and landscape.

Consider the Location

Think about how visible you want your hot tub to be from your home, and from any neighboring properties. Privacy is a key concern, but so is the view you take in as you soak!

Your hot tub should be easy to access year-round. Consider the path you’ll take to get there. Is it well-lit? Will it be clear of snow or debris during cooler seasons?

Pay attention to areas that receive ample sunlight versus shade. Depending on your climate, you might prefer one over the other, but also keep in mind the exposure factor…unsheltered spas may require more maintenance.

Consider how your hot tub will integrate with your landscape. Spas can complement the natural beauty of your backyard. Trees, gardens, and water features can enhance the serene atmosphere of your retreat.

Assess the Ground

Hot tubs require a stable, level base. Whether you’re placing it on a deck or cement pad, the surface must be prepared to support the weight of the hot tub, water, and occupants.

Ensure the area has adequate drainage to handle overflow and splashes without causing water damage or erosion.

Consult with an Expert

Van Dorn Pools & Spas excels in assisting customers with these initial planning stages!

Our team of experts can provide valuable insights on the best placement of your new hot tub, understanding how to balance aesthetics with functionality.

Contact us for a site inspection or schedule a consultation for preparation advice. We want to ensure your hot tub is both a beautiful addition to your home as well as a practical oasis of relaxation.

couple enjoying their Nordic hot tub oasis

Step 2: Choosing the Right Hot Tub

Selecting the perfect hot tub is a crucial step in creating your backyard oasis.

This decision will influence your enjoyment, the aesthetics of your space, and the overall functionality of your retreat.

Size and Seating

Evaluate how much space you have available, and how many people will typically use the hot tub. Whether it’s intimate gatherings or larger parties, there’s a size to fit every need.

Look for ergonomic designs that offer comfortable seating, and consider models with varied seat heights to accommodate users of different sizes.

Features and Functionality

Different models offer various jet configurations and therapeutic features. Consider what’s important for your relaxation and health needs.

Look for hot tubs with good insulation and energy-efficient pumps to keep operation costs down.

Some hot tubs come with systems that make maintenance much easier, such as advanced filtration systems and automatic sanitizers.

Style and Aesthetics

Choose a hot tub that complements your backyard’s aesthetic.

There are styles and colors to match any preference, from modern to sleek to more natural and integrated designs.

LED lighting, water features, and built-in sound systems can enhance the ambiance and experience of your hot tub oasis.

Step 3: Designing Your Dreamy Hot Tub Oasis

With the perfect hot tub selected, the next step is designing the space around it to create your ultimate backyard escape.

This stage involves considering landscaping, seating, and other elements that will make your hot tub area not just functional, but a visually appealing retreat.


Thoughtful landscaping can transform your hot tub area into a natural space you’ll love coming home to.

Consider incorporating plants that create a serene backdrop. Choose species that complement the overall design of your backyard, are easy to maintain, and thrive in your climate.


Proper lighting is essential for both aesthetics and safety. Soft, ambient lighting can set the mood for relaxation, while more direct lighting can highlight pathways for safer entry and exit.


If you want to create a conversation space alongside your hot tub to extend the social setting, integrating a deck around or beside your spa is the best way to achieve that.

Choose materials that not only complement the look and feel of your backyard but are also durable and slip-resistant.

Consider the flow from your house to your hot tub, ensuring a natural transition that enhances the overall design.

Outdoor Living Elements

To further elevate your backyard oasis, consider adding a fire feature or comfortable seating around the hot tub.

These elements encourage longer stays and greater enjoyment within your outdoor space, making it a versatile area for both relaxation and entertainment.

hot tub oasis - recessed hot tub

Step 4: Privacy Considerations

Creating a secluded retreat for your hot tub is essential for maximizing relaxation and enjoyment.

Privacy turns your outdoor space into a true oasis, where you can unwind in peace, away from the prying eyes of neighbors.


A well-designed fence not only secures your property but also provides a solid barrier for privacy.

Materials and designs can range from traditional wood to modern composite, tailored to complement the style of your home and landscape.

Be sure to check local regulations and building codes!


Utilize nature’s screen by planting trees, shrubs, or tall grasses around your hot tub area.

These natural elements offer privacy while adding to the aesthetic and tranquility of your space. Choose species that grow quickly and densely for effective coverage.

Privacy Screens

For a more immediate solution, consider installing privacy screens.

These can be freestanding or attached to your deck or patio, and come in various materials like wood, metal, or fabric.

Screens can add a decorative element while effectively blocking views.

Step 5: Adding Comfort Features

Elevating the comfort and convenience of your hot tub area is key to creating a retreat that you and your guests will love.

By adding the right features, your backyard can become a haven of relaxation and entertainment.


Comfortable seating around your hot tub not only accommodates guests but also provides a place to relax before or after soaking.

Consider weather-resistant furniture that complements the aesthetics of your space.


Adequate storage for towels, robes, and hot tub accessories keeps your area tidy and ensures everything you need is within reach.

Also, having your chemicals and other maintenance supplies nearby makes quick work of simple weekly maintenance.

Outdoor storage solutions can be stylish as well as functional, blending into your overall design without feeling cumbersome and out of place.

Outdoor Heating

To extend the usability of your outdoor space into the cooler months, consider adding outdoor heaters or a fire pit.

These features add warmth and ambiance, making your hot tub area inviting year-round.

Entertainment Options

Waterproof and weather-resistant sound systems can integrate seamlessly into your outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or podcast while soaking.

But for the ultimate entertainment experience, consider installing a waterproof TV near your hot tub! This allows you to enjoy movies or sports while relaxing in the warm water, turning your backyard into an outdoor cinema.

Create a Private Retreat in Maryland or Pennsylvania

Creating a backyard hot tub oasis transforms your outdoor space into a private retreat where relaxation and enjoyment are just steps away.

Visit Van Dorn Pools & Spas when you’re ready to craft an idyllic escape that suits your lifestyle and enhances your well-being.

We will be the perfect partner in this endeavor, offering expert advice, top-quality hot tubs, and personalized services to ensure your backyard oasis dreams become a reality.

With three showroom locations across Maryland and Pennsylvania, meeting with an expert has never been easier!

Don’t wait to turn your backyard into a luxurious oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. Contact Van Dorn Pools & Spas for more information, schedule a consultation, or explore our extensive selection of hot tub solutions.

Your private retreat awaits!

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