How To Throw The Best Pool Party This Summer

If you have a pool and it’s the summertime, just do the math.

Throwing a party is certainly a given! There are many great reasons why you should consider throwing a party.

Summer is often hot, and having a party is a great “excuse” for you to spend time in a fresh pool full of cool water with your friends and family.

You can even throw a nice BBQ and add something ever more special to cater to your guests in the best possible ways. If you are looking to throw the pool party of the summer, read on to learn some juicy tips and cool ideas.


Throwing a great summer pool party requires some planning: make sure that you get a good idea of how many guests you expect and try to accommodate their needs.

Buy enough plates, make sure that there is food for everyone and that every guest will be comfortable. Also make sure that there are enough seats to accommodate all of your guests, you wouldn’t want to leave anybody standing up!

Safety First!

When you throw a pool party, remember that safety is very important, particularly when children are around. Take all the right precaution and avoid placing dangerous items in and around the pool. It is always a great idea to buy slip mats, which will further help you prevent accidents and issues.

When it comes to your pool safety and health, make sure that you keep all the right precaution: keep a cover on the pool (if possible), when it is not in use, to avoid food or other items to fall into the water, especially if you feel children might be getting a bit too playful!

Make sure you tell your guests if there is anything they should know about your pool before they jump in, in order to avoid any problems or issues.

The Right Food, Drinks And Finishing Touches!

There are many incredible things you can do to make your party special: set up some games or throw an epic BBQ with plenty of food and drinks for your guests.

If you are looking to create a special atmosphere and make it comfortable for everyone, you could consider some pool accessories such as chairs, sofas, tables and many other things that would beautifully complement your pool area.

Exterior lighting installations are also great, especially if you are planning on throwing an evening get-together! You wouldn’t want your guests to stumble in the dark outside in your backyard.

Great lighting in your pool area or garden can indeed help your guests find their way around (especially if they are not super familiar with your home), but they are also perfect for atmospheres.

Lighting can create some beautiful, lush effects that add a lot of elegance and comfort to any space.

If you have any more questions or if you are looking for some other juice summer tips, contact us at Van Dorn Pools and Spas, we would be happy to get back to you!

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