3 Swimming Pool Games Your Kids Will Love

One of the best reasons for purchasing a swimming pool is because it is an excellent form of exercise.

With a technology-focused culture that introduces a new app or game every week, it can be difficult for many busy parents to guide their children away from a more sedentary lifestyle.

Fortunately, by nature, kids love to play, so all it really takes is a little redirection and an above-ground pool when it comes to helping them stay active.


Many kids don’t need much motivation to happily spend all day swimming if we would let them. Others, however, need a bit more stimulation.

Now would be a good time to look into pool installation in Maryland and with a few games that even adults can enjoy, you can have everyone outside splashing in no time.

Treasure Hunt

You may try throwing a bunch of ping-pong balls into the water, then offering a net to fish them out with.

Kids of all ages will enjoy chasing after the balls and you may offer a prize for whoever manages to catch the most. This can be done with many different types of plastic toys that float and adding a variety of sizes may be included for even more fun.

Make sure each child has a set of goggles to protect their eyes from chlorine, then toss heavier items into the water for diving practice. Some may choose between thicker, torpedo-shaped objects or even thin, brightly colored rings for their amusement.

Others may find that hours of entertainment come from simply sinking several large coins so that kids can dive for buried treasure.

To try an interesting game everyone can appreciate, fill up several clear plastic bottles and try to find them on the bottom of the pool. It can be even harder than you think!

Build Floating Rafts

For a more interactive project, invest in several foam pool noodles and some good duct tape. Encourage children to build a float or raft of their own design.

This can also become a fun way to incorporate adults into a game and could include a challenge at the end to race each other across the pool.

What an exciting way to strengthen constructive skills while teaching them the value of teamwork!

Water Sports

If all else fails, try incorporating a volleyball net or basketball hoop into your deck for some refreshing water games that are sure to bring out a more competitive spirit.

It is also great to know that when you have created an ideal environment, it could motivate your children to invite their friends to hang out in their own backyard, where you can relax knowing they are safe.


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