Why Should I Buy a Hot Tub?

Is it time to revamp your backyard entertainment?

A hot tub is a great place to start. There are so many added benefits of buying and regularly using a hot tub that many buyers aren’t aware of.

Not only can a hot tub promote a new-found source of relaxation, but it can help you reintroduce luxury into your life and even improve your health! Keep reading to learn exactly how a hot tub can benefit you.

Improved Physical And Emotional Health

Indulge in the ambiance of your backyard, as the advanced system of your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or Nordic Hot Tub washes all your stress and pain away.

The pressure from the powerful jets combined with the buoyancy and temperature of the water can truly work wonders on the human body. These jets are designed specifically to target stress-prone areas, especially those in the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Regular hydrotherapy treatments can help your muscles to relax and rejuvenate, ultimately allowing them to relieve built-up tension.

After a good hot tub soak, try being mindful of how your body feels the next day. Consciously try to pin-point what triggers cause your body to tense up. Once you’ve identified your triggers, you can proactively work on telling your body to relax.

Hot tubs can also help encourage an improved sleep schedule. A better night’s rest combined with the healing benefits of the water can really help reduce one’s stress.

Throw in the time spent relaxing, either by yourself or with loved ones, into the mix – and you have a recipe for a real improvement in your emotional health. Now just sit back and relax, as the healing properties of your hot tub take your aches and pains away.

Quality Time With Family And Friends

Spending time relaxing in a hot tub is a great excuse to see your family and friends! Young or old, most of us can enjoy relaxing in the jet-driven water of a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or Nordic Hot Tub.

Regardless if you’re catching up with an old friend, or throwing the best backyard party of the year – your hot tub can provide a great opportunity for social interaction.

Not to mention, it creates a technology free environment! You’ll be surprised by how liberating it feels to be away from your device. Give your guests your undivided attention, as cell phones, tablets, and computers are left outside of the spa.

Create A Backyard Paradise

Need an excuse to revamp your backyard?

Well, here it is! A hot tub installation can provide you with a great opportunity to transform your backyard. Once you’ve planned where your hot tub will be installed, the rest should come naturally.

It might help if you build your outdoor getaway around your spa. Your patio and/or deck can connect with the spa directly, or with the help of pathways. The rest of your landscape can benefit from additions like gardens, gazebos, and even fire pits.

Accessorize the rest of your backyard with quality patio furniture and other outdoor essentials. Including a BBQ can help keep your guests together, instead of entering and exiting your house repeatedly while cooking.

Having a backyard with optimal seating options can provide those who aren’t inside of the hot tub with a place to lounge and socialize. The goal is to have everyone feel included and within ear shot of the conversation.

There you have it! A welcoming and functional backyard installation plan. Now, to find the perfect hot tub to get started!

Ultimate Relaxation With a Spa

The perfect hot tub can truly help you relax. It won’t take long before unwinding in your hot tub becomes a part of your regular routine.

With a high-quality hot tub, like a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or Nordic Hot Tub, you can enjoy your new-found backyard relaxation for years to come.

These systems are designed and engineered with some of the most advanced technology and durable materials. So, you can feel confident in your long-term investment in your health, and overall lifestyle.

For more information about the benefits of hot tubs, contact our team of friendly and knowledgeable expert at Van Dorn Pools and Spas today. We have three convenient locations, in Kingsville and Reisterstown, MD, and Shrewsbury, PA.

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