6 Ways to Ease Stress, Boost Sleep & Improve Health

Stress is a part of life for everyone. Stressors can vary from minor frustrations to major life upheavals and everyone needs strategies to cope with the challenges posed by the year 2023.

Two of the most effective ways to manage stress are exercise and sleep. Keeping your body healthy and rested makes you more resilient in the face of external challenges.

There are ways to incorporate healthy stress reduction into your daily routine that are both effective and enjoyable.

6 Effective Ways To Ease Stress and Improve Sleep This Year

Now let’s take a look at the top 6 ways to ease stress and improve sleep.

1. Exercise

Exercise is the most natural stress reliever there is. During exercise, your body releases endorphins that increase happiness and resilience, and exercise strengthens your muscles and your cardiovascular system.

A swim spa is an excellent, and enjoyable, way to increase your daily exercise. The resistance provided by the fitness area gives you the ability to challenge yourself and improve your cardiac health.

Exercising in the water also provides support for joints and muscles and reduces the risk of injury.

You can also exercise in a hot tub. Jogging becomes low impact when done in place in the hot tub, lunges and squats put less pressure on your joints.

You can even add weights as you increase your fitness level. But remember; always check with your doctor before beginning a new fitness routine.

2. Looking Inward

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the surge in people practicing both yoga and meditation during the pandemic to keep themselves balanced.

No matter what is happening in the outer world, your inner world can be more peaceful through the practice of both mindfulness meditation and any form of yoga that is comfortable for you.

3. Goal Setting

Sometimes stress is self-induced. Setting goals that are out of reach only adds to your stress, even if those goals focus on stress relief. If you’re starting an exercise routine in a swim spa, be sure to start slow, working with your doctor to set achievable, healthy goals.

Making sure all of your life goals, including professional, personal, and financial goals, are realistically achievable will reduce your stress levels.

Working with a life coach can help you break your goals into manageable pieces, allowing you to experience success without sacrificing your larger goals or your mental health.

4. Ease Stress With Lifestyle Changes

Your lifestyle can either contribute to your stress or help you manage it. Eating a healthy diet makes your body more resilient to both physical and emotional stress. Regular exercise and getting outside help both body and mind.

One very important aspect to living a healthy lifestyle is often overlooked—adequate hydration. Your body does not function well without enough fluids. Dehydration can lead to physical problems that prevent you from enjoying the other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

5. Relaxation

You undoubtedly carry some of the stress in your muscles. Muscle tension is uncomfortable, which only increases other symptoms of stress, like frustration and irritability. It’s important to have a way to relax.

A hot tub provides the perfect setting for relaxation, particularly if it’s outside. The combination of nature and warm water is calming for the mind and body. Hydrotherapy can loosen tight muscles and soothe minor aches and pains as you release the stress of the day.

6. Improving Sleep

One of the best ways to decrease stress and increase resilience is to get a good night’s sleep. For a lot of you that may be easier said than done, as stress tends to result in tight muscles and racing thoughts. It can be hard to turn off the burdens of the day at bedtime.

Getting enough exercise can help you get to sleep at night by giving you an outlet for muscle tension. Exercise is also a great way to expend energy in a healthy way, helping your body be ready for rest at bedtime.

Your exercise should be done during the day, well before bedtime, to get the maximum sleep benefit.

Exercising in your swim spa or hot tub can provide a great workout. Whether it’s an easy walk in place for beginners or a vigorous swim for more seasoned exercisers, you can get the exercise you need right in your own backyard. A soak in the hot tub also feels great after exercise.  

The next step is to establish excellent sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene is the routine that makes up your bedtime rituals and has the power to boost or derail your rest.

The best sleep hygiene starts with establishing a regular schedule and sticking with it. That means going to bed and getting up at the same time each day so your body recognizes when it’s time to sleep.

There are many ways to help your body get ready to rest. One of them is to start with a soak in your hot tub to release tense muscles and soothe any body aches and pains. Reducing the feelings of stress and encouraging relaxation, your hot tub is the ideal place to begin your sleep hygiene.

Other rituals that contribute positively to a good night’s rest include putting away electronics a couple of hours before bedtime, doing activities that calm your mind like reading or journaling, and establishing bedtime routines like drinking a cup of tea.

The external warmth of the hot tub is beautifully complemented by the internal warmth of a hot drink.

Hot Tubs and Swim Spas Help Ease Stress

We hope you found the information about stress relief in this article useful. To learn more about how swim spas and hot tubs can improve your life, visit our Health Benefits Center.

At Van Dorn Pools and Spas, our trained experts are always available to help you plan your perfect backyard and will help you choose the best spa for your needs.

Contact us today to learn about the healthy living that comes with spa ownership and browse our wide selection of hot tubs, swim spas, and pools.

In this hectic world, you deserve the relaxation of a Van Dorn hot tub or spa to soak away your stress and live your best life.

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