DIY Pool Hacks

Are you looking for fun, unique and affordable ways to improve your backyard pool experience? There are many ways you can enhance the functionality of your backyard and bring your pool area to life.

With some simple hacks, you will certainly be able to improve the quality of the pool experience for you and your family.

Learn how with these intuitive DIY hacks!

Remove Debris With Old Socks And Pantyhose

This is a simple trick, but it works like a charm.

Many skimmer baskets work really well to remove leaves and other things from the water, but they might not be as effective when it comes to removing smaller debris.

If you are looking for a way to clean the water from smaller debris that are hard to grab with a regular skimmer, you can stretch out an old sock or pantyhose and wrap it around the rim of your skimmer basket.

This way, you will be able to filter even the smallest debris! This affordable hack will help you keep your water clean and find a way to use those old socks and stockings.

Tennis Ball Cleaner

Oils can end up polluting your waters in many ways. Oil stains can come from the human body, as well as from hair products, sunscreen and other products that might somehow end up in the water. It can prove to be quite difficult to remove from the water surface, but thankfully, there is a very simple trick that will make it all super easy.

Grab a few tennis balls and simply drop them in your pool, so they are free to float around in the water. The material in the tennis ball will eventually absorb the oils in the water, effectively removing them from the pool water! Just make sure to change out the tennis balls regularly and throw them away.

Fun And Functional Storage Container

If we’re certain about one thing, it’s that owning a pool can be tons of fun!

You can play games in the pool with your family, teach children how to swim, exercise, or even just simply relax. But to do all these things, you’re going to need some pool accessories. This could include everything from lifejackets and water wings, to balls and floatation devices, and more!

Not to mention that you’ll have to keep the pool water clean and properly sanitized, and you should always have a first aid kit nearby. With all these products and pool accessories, your backyard can easily become cluttered and unsafe, not to mention how many things will get lost or damaged.

Skip all the trouble and invest in a comprehensive outdoor storage system! You could make an investment in a store-bought container (especially if you can buy one that is used or on sale), or make one yourself! If you’re crafty when it comes to woodworking or repurposing other furniture, there are a ton of designs you could follow!

Add customized spaces for towels and personal belongings, along with a place to keep lifejackets, products, hoses, and more!

Leaf Blower Pool Cleanup

If you are ready to finally dust off the cover of your hot tub and prepare for the summer, you might find that many debris might have accumulated over it through the winter. Dead leaves, dirt or even animal droppings are a good example, and things can get out of hand if you don’t regularly sweep up your hot tub cover.

For a quick and efficient clean-up, you can simply use your leaf blower in order to sweep the debris off of your hot tub cover! This hack is efficient, flexible and practical, as you can handle this task when you take care of your backyard greens!

Are you looking for more tips and tricks for your backyard pool? Find out more when you visit our Reisterstown, Kingsville, or Shrewsbury showroom locations! Contact Van Dorn Pools and Spas for more.

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